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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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area. >> chester county 38,000 peco customers sitting in the dark. delmarva says 11,000 of its customers have no power. >> we are not in the clear. chief meteorologist scott williams tracking what's happening right now. >> dangerous situation across the area. >> tornado warning has been issued for burlington county, camden county and gloucester county effective until 6:43 p.m. >> the philadelphia metro area and we're watching nasty squall line of downpours and gusty winds move to the east at about 30 to 40 miles per hour so it's right on top of the philadelphia area center city right now. also moving toward cherry hill tornado warnings have been just issued right now for parts of the area as well for camden county so we're continuing to follow this nasty line as it continues to move on to the east east. so right now you can see as we look at what's happening on ultimate doppler we'll continue to zoom in to the area root now. you can see what's happening
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across our area. we're looking at the severe line that continues to push right on top of the philadelphia metro area and this line has the potential for some gusty winds in excess of 60 miles per hour. we're talking about blinding rainfall. we're also talking about vivid lightning with the cells. so we'll zoom in closer right now. you can see what we're watching right now this is the action and right now we're watching that potential tornado warning just popped up right there for parts of camden county as well as for gloucester county and we're continuing to follow what's happening with the line that continues to move on off to the east at a pretty good clip. right now highlighted in red you can see this box new information coming in tornado warning until 6:30. that includes parts of camden county also, burlington county and also gloucester county. so we'll zoom in right now and this is the area that we're watching highlighted in red.
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vivid thunder, lightning you're hearing across the entire metro area, power outages being reported by the thousands as we watch this very heavy rainfall move toward our area. so once again knew information just in ultimate doppler right now we're tracking a tornado warning for parts of camden county, gloucester county and burlington county until 6:30. once again ultimate doppler has indicated that severe thunderstorm is showing some signs of rotation moving toward the paulsboro area, gloucester city, you are in the path of this storm and it's racing on off to the east at about 60 miles per hour so if you're in places like cherry hill, also west deptford you're in the path of this, woodbury, new jersey brooklawn, in you the path of this potential tornado mantua area, gloucester and berlin you need to seek shelter immediately as we're watching what's happening on ultimate doppler. center city right now getting hit with very heavy rainfall.
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gusty winds downpours in excess of one to 2-inches per hour rainfall rates and we just have a newly issued tornado warning right now until 6:30 that does include parts of burlington county, camden county, and gloucester county. you can see highlighted within that red box those are the areas that we're watching for this potential rain wrapped tornado so a lot of wind energy i can't stress it enough with this activity blowing through parts of the area. let's take look at some of the tools that we're watching as far as some of the rotation signature potential with that cell. that's moving across the delaware river and into parts of gloucester county right now. we showed you this earlier. we were watching that tornado warning move through parts of chester county and right now you can see as we continue to zoom in we're showing some wind energy where you see that blew just around the gibbstown area, moving around the paulsboro area and that continues to show what
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ultimate doppler has been tracking those signs of rotation rotation. so back to ultimate doppler with the very heavy rainfall. you can see what we're watching right now. just a nasty line and also just take a look at some of the energy some of the markers that we're watching on ultimate doppler. you can see some early signs of rotation really with that entire line that's moving through our area right now. so it's thundering, there's lot of lightning and heavy rainfall moving through pretty much the entire viewing area right now. right over the heart of the i-95 corridor we are looking at damaging winds hail and also vivid lightning. so we'll continue to zoom in to that area that has prompted that tornado warning until about 6:30 6:30. you can see over the philadelphia international airport there's a ground stop, very heff vo rainfall moving through that particular area. i'm not sure if we can go back to the tower cam and show you what's been happening across the area. philadelphia getting hit with very heavy rainfall right now it
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almost looks like it's dark outside across much of the area due to the severity of this line of showers and thunderstorms moving through the area. but tornado warning for parts of camden burlington as well as gloucester county and you can see the roadways are wet. torrential downpours right now at the philadelphia international airport as well. so the area in question right now ultimate doppler you can see as we take look back to ultimate doppler tracking until 6:30 we have that tornado warning that includes the west deptford area, paulsboro, mantua as well as gloucester, you are under the gun so just very heavy rainfall and gusty winds right now moving through parts of our area as we track this severe weather moving through the philadelphia metro area. so as we continue to follow what's happening right now, you can see we're watching watching some shear indicators showing you there's rotation right now with that cell that's moving into parts of gloucester county. and that has prompted that tornado warning.
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so seek shelter immediately if you're in the east greenwich area paulsboro, you are in the path of that potential tornado and also moving toward mantua grove, woodbury heights mantua sewell new jersey as that cell continues to move on off to the east at about 50 miles per hour. so the storms are moving rapidly but they have the potential to produce not only hail as we take look at the some of the hail indicators right now you can see around philadelphia, north philly looking at had potential for some hail with that nasty line that's moving through the area as well. so the entire area is under that severe thunderstorm watch and we have severe thunderstorms happening right now across the area and we also have that tornado warning for a part of the area too. ultimate doppler is just really lit up right now some of the storm tracks and caters showing this entire squall line just kind of barreling across the i-95 corridor.
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gusty winds in excess of 60, 70 miles per hour like smell straight line wind damage occurring across the area. knocking out power to thousands power outages have been coming into the area as well and also as we continue to follow what's happening with that nasty line of showers and thunderstorms you can see that we are following rotation we are also following that tornado warning -- >> scott i'm going to jump in real quick. >> we also are following a lot of power outage. tens of thousands of people are in the black right now. 62,000 without power in chester county. of course, we told you about what's going on with delmarva 11,000 of its customers are sitting in the dark basically cass sole county delaware. not doing well. not just delmarva some other people also are in the dark in delaware county as well with a different power company we've got a lot of people affected by what's going on not surprising considering what you're talking about. >> that's right. lucy, this is nasty squall line it has winds in excess of 60,
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70 miles per hour pretty much every location in the path of this nasty squall line this line of showers and thunderstorms that's just been blowing through the area. moving pretty rapidly now into parts of south jersey so a lot of wind energy and you can see on the ultimate doppler some of the caters showing you some of the shear and rotation so we still have that tornado warning in effect until 6:30 that includes parts of burlington county camden, gloucester county right now but as we zoom in, you can see the philadelphia metro area looking at very heavy rainfall. moving toward haddonfield cherry hill, be on the look out for gusty winds and once again we are watching that potential rain wrapped tornado moving through parts of the area just across the delaware river. take a look at what's happening you can barely see the center city skyline. the wind is blowing in excess of 60 miles per hour and also we're looking at just blinding torrential rainfall rainfall
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rates one to 2-inches per hour right now moving through our area as this nasty line of severe weather moves through our area. let's get back to that tornado warning. you can see the areas highlighted on ultimate doppler right now. that's the area that we're watching within that box. that includes you in west deptford gloucester, barrington area, this is moving right over the new jersey turnpike, also moving right over 295 right now into parts of south jersey. the camden area looking at heavy rainfall. haddonfield as we continue to zoom in you can see haddonfield looking at gusty winds and very heavy rainfall right now moving through the area. so let's go back to ultimate doppler full and show you what's happening across the entire area. as we watch this nasty line of showers and thunderstorms move through the area. you can see this line this potentially rain wrapped tornado moving over the airport moving right now toward the bellmawr area looking at very heavy
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rainfall haddonfield under that tornado warning until 6:30. also toward the ashland area greentree voorhees you're under that tornado warning lindenwold you're under the gun for that potential tornado as well as that nasty line of wind energy and gusty winds in excess of sixty three 60, 70 miles per hour just barrels through the area. we have the potential showing up on radar of rotation, a lot of shear and wind energy in the atmosphere so let's go back to some of the shear indicators that we're watching in the atmosphere with that particular cell in question. you can see albeit weak, the potential for that tornado it will likely be rain wrapped. you can see moving into parts of gloucester county right now. you can see deptford and you can see sewell, new jersey, you can see mullica hill this is the path and this is the area that we're watching in question as we watch some of the energy, some of the signs of rotation right now on ultimate doppler with this nasty line moving through the area. let's also show you some of the
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lightning that's occurring across the area. just a lot of lightning within this particular box. i'm going to draw a bock around the area we're watching to see how many lightning we're seeing. you can see the number of strikes over 2,000 strikes of lightning within that particular box. so just a lot of energy with the cells of thunderstorms that have developed over the delaware valley on this tuesday hot and humid day. our first official heat wave of the year. high temperatures have been in the 90s. feels like temperatures in the triple digits. so you have fuel for the tire so to speak and that's what's happening right now. we're getting showers and thunderstorms across parts of our area. they've turned severe. power outages across the area and also they've turned tornadic tornado warning in effect until 6:30. just to the south and east of philadelphia into parts of camden county, gloucester county as well as small portion of burlington county we've been watching ultimate doppler for signs of rotation.
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so within that highlighted red box, you can see that has the potential for rain wrapped tornado similar to what could have occurred in parts of chester county about an hour or so ago. we were watching the signature on ultimate doppler for heavy rainfall gusty winds as well as a lot of heavy rainfall. so you can see what's happening. i mean it's just literally lit up with heavy rain. where you see the orange and the red and where you see the yellow ultimate doppler also showing some early sipes of rotation as we've been talking about. so basically that's a lot of wind energy in the atmosphere. so let's take a look at some of the other tower cams and pictures of some of the ominous skies and very heavy rain and wind occurring across parts of the area as well. so hitting at rush hour a lot of folk on the roadways but if you are in the path of this potential rain wrapped tornado once again the boxes highlighted in red that's camden, burlington and gloucester county seek shelter immediately. that includes you in places like voorhees west deptford, berlin,
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hal don field. you can see on ultimate doppler right now we're watching very heavy rainfall and gusty winds move through the area but right now it looks like that particular cell has begun to weaken a bit we'll continue to follow it as far as the intensity of the activity, but as i expand the view you can see nasty line all in the path are expected to see gusty winds heavy rainfall, the potential for power outages with that line that continues to just move on to the east at about 40 to 50 miles per hour. so let's put a tracker on that entire line that's just barreling through parts of the tri-state area and you can see where it will end up over the next hour, hour and a half or so. we're talking about places in south jersey being impacted by this nasty line of showers and thunderstorms. moving toward dover, toms river atlantic city sea isle city approaching you by 7:30.
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we're continueing to follow this back to you iain and lucy. >> scott, thank you very much. as count to follow this and you talk about lot of fuel for this fire out there the heat and humidity causing damage like this we're getting pictures from our viewer this is somewhere in delaware county you can see the damage lucy in this backyard. >> i know. absolutely. that is aston right there in delaware conte and there's another shot. we had it a second ago of the shrubs and while we're looking at these pictures that viewers are sending in, don't put yourself in danger. septa is reporting that delays of an hour now which is not surprising on most of the regional lines. so there's all kinds of mayhem outside right now. truly is mayhem when you're out in the middle of something like that. you don't want to be there. we've got a thunderstorm -- i mean tornado warning until 6:30 as scott said. we've got a ground stop at phl. >> exactly. i think until 6:45. >> 6:45. >> may be extended of course went talk about power outages right now we know there are 62,000 customers in chester county without power as we continue to look at this damage
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here in aston delaware county looking at video phl we're seeing now that's the airport camera and we saw earlier we were looking outside our studios on the fourth and market and it was windy and people running for cover this is a look right now at philadelphia international airport. you can see there's no activity there because there's a ground stop going on. >> absolute. 62,000 people without power in chester county. new cass county 18,000 people. those numbers are going up by the way. 7,000 in delaware county so it continues to go on as this thing rolls on through and one of the scary things with this particular system first of all this is a same system some spawned five confirmed tornadoes in the midwest and now we have a tornado warning which means one was spotted in chester county and we have a tornado warning in this philadelphia metro area right now as well. >> exactly. we're going to see a lot of this damage that scott has been talking about. we've got severe intense downpours you've got straight line winds tornado warnings which means you'll have trees down power lines down lot of damage so be safe out there and that's why we got so many
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customers out there without power. again you're looking at your screen seeing the radar on your left and on the right you're taking look at philadelphia international airport which is under a ground stop right now for about 45 minutes. you can see lightning out l i understand we've got fox 29's joanne pileggi on the phone. joanne, can you hear me. >> i can iain. we're in camden we were set up to do a live shot for the 6:00 p.m. news and we had to pull everything in very quickly. the storm rolled in so quickly. the sky was lit up of the city of philadelphia as we were watching from across the river. little waves pick up on the delaware river. i estimate to be one and a half to 2 feet high wind picked up and skylight up and then it was an absolute downpour really really high winds. my photographer pete was able to pull his equipment into the van and we were, you know, we wanted to basically take cover and there are, you know, dozens of lightning strikes and we have seen -- i have not seen any power lines down in camden prop.
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we're down by the water but i did see some small branches down down. again, there's heavy thunder overhead. many many lightning strikes. certainly fairly severe, severe summer storm. >> joanne, as you're talking about lightning strikes we saw one on the right hand box we have of phl right there literal literally a bolt coming down in the center of the screen then we heard the roar right overhead. so it's right overhead right now and heading towards you and probably over you at this point. more lightning out there and one of the things that we have to worry about with think storms and this particular tornado was that scott was saying that this thing is kind of rain wrapped rain shrowded which means you're not going to see this thing coming. you got to stay inside and got to be safe and if you got basement get in the many. >> absolutely. i wanted to mention, you know, at about five minutes, 10 minutes to 6:00 a duck boat went out and we were shocked to see it head out on the river.
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>> an emergency one do you think or was this actually like a pleasure boat? >> no, no, no this was one of the duck boats. >> oh one of the duck boats. >> the duck boat. >> and we just lost her. >> i wasn't sure what she said. i thought she said a jet boat. you wouldn't think that would be out there in the water right now now. >> you would not. obviously dangerous conditions. for more on this let's get back over to chief meteorologist scott williams. >> that's right. still following this tornado warning, guys, until 6:30 for parts of gloucester, also, camden and burlington county. just a nasty squall line so everyone in the path of this line is going to see winds in excess of 60 miles per hour, damaging winds we can be talking about straight line wind damage with all of the wind energy as we take a look and expand the view on ultimate doppler starting to get a little bit of that bow echo signature with this activity so that means there's a lot of wind driven energy with the downdrafts and
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downpour that is continue to move into parts of south jersey with this line. that moving through philadelphia right now. cow crossing i-95 into parts of south jersey. a little bit of good news that tornado warning was allowed to expire just now. it has been replaced by a severe thunderstorm warning once again tornado warning expired but replaced by a severe thunderstorm warning until 7:30 for pretty much all of south jersey right now. so the tornado warning was allowed to expire about 10 minutes early. for the areas that we were watching. and right now we are looking at that nasty line severe thunderstorm warnings now for pretty much of all of south jersey, atlantic city expressway down the shore also, the garden state parkway until 7:30 as we watch that bow kind of moving into parts of south jersey with damaging winds torrential rainfall and vivid lightning. tornado warning was just allowed to expire. >> back to you. >> that is very good thing. however, i mean, you had your
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back turned there you didn't see when it you were talking about lightning one huge bolt struck down from our center city cam right there and we saw it. it kind of shocked me when i was over there looking at it. amazing. we've got all kinds of messes going on right now. we've got septa regional rail lines delayed by an hour or so. and that's going to be changing of course as this system changes. we also have action over at phl. which is basically no action. >> apparently got ground stop about 6:45 eastern time. right on queue there's a look at philadelphia international airport where nothing is going on because we've been telling i was ground stop in place supposed to expire 6:45 that. could change. we've seen a lot of lightning out there as this system is moving quickly through our area. and at least scott did say the tornado warning has expired and now it's a severe thunderstorm warning in camden, burlington county. >> you don't need a tornado to have wind damage reports of trees power outages widespread across parts of the area. a lot of folks will be in the
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dark and of course as we look at ultimate doppler you can see what's headed your way right now. in parts of south jersey, this nasty line is moving to the east at about 40, 50 miles per hour. we're continuing to follow that line. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> these pictures come to us from twitter taken during to tornado warning about an hour ago. that has since expired. remember if you see something want to take a picture zen it to us make sure you're safe. >> let's check out this one as well. got another one this video obviously from chadds ford in delaware county. you can see the wind whipping through the trees right there dark skies as well as the storm moves through our area. kind of moving ripping through our area what they've been doing. power outages as well. 62,000 people without power in chester county right now actually new numbers. let me give them to you. 67,000 people without power in chester county. delaware county looks like about the same. and they went past the third one. new castle county 24,000 people from delmarva no power. when is it going to come back. >> as soon as power crews can safely go back out there and start working. it will be a little while. >> really is. we have dangerous scenario damaging winds hail, lightning and take look at that bow echo just plowing through the garden
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state so get off the beaches we're talking dangerous lightning. it's going to be moving toward millville, toms river as well as atlantic city right now as you see that nasty line with the history of damage. some reports of some emergency vehicles moving toward the 202 area that we talked about during that tornado warning in
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